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Moggs Eye Beach (also known as Huttoft Beach)

Moggs Eye © Alan Heardman under Creative Commons License

The Moggs Eye Beach, also known as the Huttoft Beach, is one of the natural and unspoilt beaches found in Mablethorpe of the district of East Lindsey.

Since it is just located to the north of the Anderby Beach, the beach is as heavenly with its golden stretch of sandy beaches surrounded by undeveloped yet beautiful countryside and sand hills. The sea is just as clear as the former and just as gentle as well. Another noticeable characteristic of the place are the unobtrusive steps which leads to the dunes.

This quite seaside is a haven for those who loves to watch rare flocks of birds, explorers of the natural beauty of the world, as well as those who want to preserve the beauty that is in nature itself.

Some activities which would be perfect for the Moggs Eye Beach include swimming, surfing, fishing, and picnicking. The wide beach is also a perfect venue for those who want to camp overnight while listening to the waves and conducting a warm bonfire accompanied by a series of storytelling, if that is allowed and possible.

For added convenience, the beach has a few basic facilities such as toilet blocks and spacious car parks.

What makes it special is its unspoilt nature which preserves its original and natural beauty as well as its quiet, serene, yet, scenic surroundings. Somehow, it is understandable why locals love it so much.


North of Anderby Creek Beach and Anderby Creek Cloud Bar

Other Information:

Dogs are allowed at any time

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