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Mablethorpe Beach

Mablethorpe Beach © Alan Heardman under Creative Commons License

Mablethorpe is a peaceful yet small coastal town, which features about four miles of famous and tourist-friendly unbroken coast. This public beach is famous for and well known as a place where one can find a variety of both common and rare specimen.

Not only that, but, Mablethorpe Beach is also a good place where families, groups of friends, and individuals find ideal for beach swimming, bonding, castle building, playing, and exploring grassy sand dunes.

These beautiful golden sands are accompanied and partnered with gentle-sloping waters, a variety of accommodation and entertainment, as well as summer lifeguards for safety precautions.

Several facilities are amidst, giving both locals and guest a convenient and enjoyable visit. Some of these facilities include toilets, café and restaurant, slipway, promenade, facilities for the disabled, as well as decks and beach huts for rent.

For those who are not from the city, a variety of holiday accommodations can be found nearby so as to provide great hospitality and service. Some of them include and are not limited to hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts. However, there are accommodations for those who prefer self-catering, such as caravan parks, cottages, and beach huts for rent.

Choosing and finding somewhere to eat is also not a problem. Just a few meters from the beach are several food houses ranging from a simple fish-and-chips shop to an elegant fine diner. There are also a variety of cuisines starting from the traditional English, Chinese, Indian, and even Italian.

For fun, the town has several entertainment businesses built to cater those who seek enjoyment and pastimes, such as cinemas, entertainment complex, bingo, pubs, and sports places offering horse riding, kayaking/canoeing, golf, sailing, and wind surfing.

All of these revolves around one simple yet multi-awarded beach garnering the Seaside Award, the Blue Flag, and the Society Quality Coast Award, among others.

In a way, the beach is special, not only because of its length, but also because of its beautiful English feature, perfected with care, cleanliness, and preservation by the town council.



Opening Times:

All Year


01507 473437


Mablethorpe Beach



LN12 1A1

Other Information:

Dogs are allowed from October 1 – April 30

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