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Mablethorpe is a small seaside town in the district of East Lindsey, which in turn is part of the county of Lincolnshire. The town is best accessed with the A1104 and A16 routes.

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In 1540, part of the town was lost to the sea. The town is also known as a place which was frequently visited by the great poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. It was also a setting for one of the scenes in D. H. Lawrence’s book entitled “Sons and Lovers”.

The place is famous for their award winning beach, which is certainly worth it for its unspoiled natural beauty. There are two supermarkets in the town area such as the Co-operative and Lindl. Other independent shops by the locals and a few retailers are also in town to provide other things for the people of Mablethorpe.

As the beach is quite tempting in its four-mile glory, the town offers a lot of accommodation for visitors to enjoy the holidays in. There are hotels, inns, cottages and huts in the beach area for rent. Several restaurants with a variety of cuisine are also accessible.

For entertainment, the town has a fairground and amusement arcades for the children. There are also seal sanctuaries for people to enjoy the bond between humans and animals. Several caravan parks and a skatepark were also built, as well as banks which can be found in the town center, such as Lloyds TSB, Santander, and Barclays.

Certain landmarks include the Bambers I and II windfarms.

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