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The Green Lady of Thorpe Hall

The Green Lady of Thorpe Hall

Thorpe Hall was once owned by the Bolle family, with the head being Sir John Bolle, an adventurer, gentleman, and a companion and friend to Sir Walter Raleigh in his conquest of Cadiz.

He was given the responsibility to entertain and secure the beautiful prisoner, Donna Leonora Oviedo, a woman of Spanish descent. He treated her with kindness, making her fall deeply for him. She believed that it was his true feelings but those were just him being a gentleman.

On the day he was to return to England, she requested he take her with him and marry him. However,  he refused, for he was married. As a parting gift, she gave him a portrait of herself in her favourite green dress as well as jewellery for his wife.

She, then, lived and died in loneliness, yearning for her unrequited love. It is said that she can be seen on occasion roaming the halls, wanting to be near the man she deeply loved,

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