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The Headless Horseman

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The Headless Horseman

A common story throughout Europe is the story of The Headless Horseman. Moreover, he is said to also haunt the Lincolnshire Wolds, particularly the track which runs through the hamlets of Scamblesby to Ruckland.

This terrifying headless apparition of a horseman is said to have seen galloping in the tracks. According to stories, this apparition is the ghost of a highwayman from two hundred years ago.

Two hundred years back, a crowd have gathered at Gallows Hill to witness the execution of a criminal who have been terrorizing the district. The man was brought to the gallows by a cart pulled by a horse.

However, the weather was terrible for a rumble of thunder began scaring the people. As the noose was to be put around the highwayman’s neck, a flash of lightning stole everyone’s attention, giving the criminal a chance to escape.

He hurriedly mounted a white horse and galloped through the crowds, but, a soldier threw forth his sword towards the criminal, cutting his head clean from his neck.

It is said that blood spilled on the whiteness of the horse.

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