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The Death Mask at Horncastle

A picture from the blog of Rod Collins

The Death Mask

An old cast of a death mask of a person labeled Tiger Tom hangs above the doorway of a house in the  market town of Horncastle.

Tiger Tom was one  of the members of a gang of roughs who burgled the Woodhall Spa’s Halstead Hall. They tied up all the servants and farm hands, even the owners Mr. and Mrs. Elsey. They took everything of value, both goods and cash, as well as silks.

One of the men was caught and was hanged. Another two were apprehended, one is known as “Tippler”, and the other “Tiger Tom”, who terrorized the whole neighbourhood.

Tom’s mother foretold that he would die with his shoes on so he kicked off his shoes at the scaffold. Then, he was hanged.

Tiger Tom’s real identity is Timothy Brammer (Brammar). He was hanged by the neck on the year 1830 for all his crimes.

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