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East Lindsey’s Memoirs and Nature

East Lindsey is composed of several towns, which in themselves are prosperous, creating a well-endowed district with several nature reserves, historical buildings, and key areas.

These places are indicative of East Lindsey English feature, the love of country shown in the protection, recreation, reservation, and reconstruction of several infrastructures connected to the country’s heritage and culture.

Moreover, the people show their love for their country and their neighbors through volunteering on so many events, activities, as well as duties on certain government establishments.

The district may be small but there is a lot to be seen and learned from these people and from these places.

Thorpe Hall

Thorpe Hall

Thorpe Hall is a grade II listed country house located at the hamlet of South Elkington in the district of East Lindsey. It is considered to be one of the finest country houses in Lincolnshire.

Thorpe Hall is composed of 20 acres of magnificent gardens and parklands, a deer park, and a country house with equal magnificence.  The said hall has had a long history and legend.


It was built for Sir John Bolle, who accompanied Sir Walter Raleigh in the expedition to Cadiz, earning him his knighthood. At that time, he was given the opportunity to gain the love of his prisoner, giving a start to the legend of “The Spanish Lady”, also known as “The Green Lady of Thorpe Hall”.

Sir John died in 1606 at a young age and was buried at Hugh Church with an impressive alabaster monument of himself. The Hall, on the other hand remained in the family for generations until it was sold.


Some of the things from the Thorpe Hall, such as the sequined silk bedcover given to him by the Spanish lady, an oil painting of Sir Bolle, and a copy of the painting of the “Green Lady” is still currently kept in the Louth Museum.

The original painting, however, has already been lost. Moreover, the country house is a private property, but, it is currently registered as for sale.

RAF Coningsby

RAF Coningsby

RAF Coningsby, also known as The Royal Air Force based at Coningsby, is one of the many RAF airstrips in the county. It contains a diverse selection of aircrafts, many of which are operating from its airfield.

The RAF Coningsby was originally built as a station for Bomber Command, even playing host to the “Dambusters” of the 617 Squadron.

It is the home of the world-famous Battle of Britain Flight. It has a viewing area opened to the public, a car park area, where one can watch and observe aircraft movements.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF)

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is a royal air force flight currently based at the RAF Coningsby. It provides an aerial display group which comprises of an Avro Lancaster, a Supermarine Spitfire, and a Hawker Hurricane.

Usually, the planes come out 3 at a time, but the flight is actually composed of 12 aeroplanes. They are regularly seen at certain events commemorating the Second World War, some British occasions, royal birthdays, air displays, and even the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

According to history, the memorial flight started as a tradition to lead the Victory Day Fly past after the World War II. It’s current home is the RAF Coningsby.

Visitor Centre

Since the BBMF is located at the RAF Coningsby, its Visitors’ Center is also located there. The Visitors’ Center provides a guided tour, wherein one can get access to the BBMF hangar. It gives off a chance of seeing a historic aircraft at close quarter.

Moreover, there are shops for souvenirs as well as other exhibits located at the center.

Merlins Tearoom

Nestled in the BBMF Visitor’s Centre is the Merlins Tearoom, where both guests and stff can relax and take a break while enjoying a vast array of food and beverages.

The tearoom offers coffee, tea, pastries, and many others.

Gibraltar Point

Gibraltar Point

Gibraltar Point is a National Nature Reserve owned by both the East Lindsey District Council and he Lincolnshire Council. It is an area of coastal deposition, marking the point where the coast of the North Sea turns south-west towards the city of Boston.

The Gibraltar Point is also the southernmost tip of the county. It is comprised of two parallel ridges of sand dunes, known as the east dunes and west dunes, separated by the wide salt marsh.

Bird Sanctuary

The Point is also home to a variety of birds and fowls. Its dynamic stretch of untouched coastline is usually the nestling point where migratory birds get lost in and separated from their flock. Needless to say, this big and wide area has become the home to a diverse set of birds.

Visitors’ Centre

Gibraltar Point, as it is frequently visited, had an established Visitors’ Centre where one can find the Wild Coast Exhibition and the Habitats and Wildlife Focused Exhibition. There is also a Nature Discovery Room, where certain rare species are place when they happen to come upon the area.

The Wash Study Centre

The last significant part of the Gibraltar Point is its Study Centre. It has a few residential accommodation, laboratory, and classroom.

This is made available for learning and research that happens to go along with field trips and school visits from high schools, colleges, and universities near the area or simply within the county.

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center is an aviation museum which was awarded the Excellence Award by the online travel site, the TripAdvisor. It is considered to be the largest bomber command museum in the county. It is also the only airfield museum in the whole county of Lincolnshire.

The Aviation Heritage Center is a family run aviation museum located in the  old airfield of the RAF East Kirby. It was opened to the public in the year 1988.


The museum was built with the basis on a story of family ties and love. It was started by two brothers who had deep respect and love for their older brother.

During the war, a Pilot Officer by the name of Christopher Panton was included in the attack known as RAF Bomber Command “Black Friday”, which occurred in a city in Germany. The aircraft was hit, losing the life of Panton and of one of his companions. The other three were taken as prisoners of war.

His younger brothers, Fred and Harold Panton, were successful poultry farmers. They had deep respect for the heroism of the lives lost in the war as well as of the Bomber Commands.

The brothers bought a World War II aircraft, an Avro Lancaster Bomber, as a tribute to their brother. They also bought part of an airfield at RAF East Kirkby.

The museum is part grass and part concrete. It has an unlicensed airfield where private planes are allowed to land in with the condition that they inform beforehand. The museum’s focus, however, is the Avro Lancaster Bomber plane and other exhibits from other people, which are kept at the museum. The most fantastic part is where one can get a chance to ride the Lancaster for a small price.

The museum also has a monument established in honor and in memory of all the thousands of airmen, from the 57 to 630 Squadrons, who lost their lives in the service of the country.


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