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The Werewolf of Dogdyke

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The Werewolf of Dogdyke

Dogdyke is a small hamlet in the district of East Lindsey. It is said that Roger Parsons uncovered a 1926 story relating to the place which involved the supernatural elements such as the werewolf.

According to what he uncovered, a young archaeologist in the area dug up a Neolithic remain or a skeleton of an unusual creature. It was hard for him to believe since the skeleton had a canine like skull of something like a wolf’s head.

He brought it inside his dwelling and tried to examine it. Though it was already directly in front of him, he took what he saw as a hoax, especially since he cannot give the finding a scientific explanation.

While he was treading to sleep, he felt uneasy and heard some soft noises. He, then, saw dark shadows of a human with the head of a large wolf. In fear, he hid in the pantry of his house.

When dawn came, he unlocked the bolt and took the skull in the destroyed room. He returned it to the land by burying it and covering it with peat.

That was what Roger Parsons discovered. However, it is not certain whether this story indeed happened or simply a legend written down by an imaginative mind couple with plenty of experience.

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