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Coningby is a village and civil parish located around 180 kilometers south of London and 11 kilometers south of Horncastle. It is part of the district of East Lindsey.

The name Coningsby came from the Old Norse word konungr, which meant “king” and the suffix –by. The meaning of the name, then, means “The settlement of the King”.

The most prominent church in the area is the Church of St. Michaels and All Angels. Schools are also in the village with the inclusion of Coningsby St. Michaels CE Primary School and Gartree Primary School.

Coningsby is also home to the most important stations of the Royal Air forces or RAF. Stations based in the village include XI Squadron, III Squadron, XVII Squadron, and the XXIX Squadron.

The economy is okay with one company in the area known as Pellcroft Engineering Ltd., which specializes in the creation and manufacturing of agricultural fans.

Amenities for both visitors and local include public houses such as the Black Swan and the White Bull.

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