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Anderby Beach

Anderby Beach

The most appropriate description of Anderby Beach comes from the prominent travel writer Koshina Johawer when she stated that Anderby Beach is a ”wonderful, undiscovered stretch of sand”.

Though it might indicate that she is simply commenting on a simple beach, Johawer is actually complimenting the simple yet secret treasure trove, which has not been developed yet.

Anderby Beach is characterized by a quiet, unspoilt stretch of sand with gorgeous, clear, and gentle tides. The scenery is quite beautiful and is made perfect when seals come, complimenting the natural backdrop.

The seaside is a simple yet absolute paradise where one can leisurely stroll, bath, build sand castles, walk dogs, and even watch the waves comes. The solitude, as well as the scenery, also helps the mind reflect and think clearly.

The beach is home to the United Kingdom’s first purpose built cloud viewing platform, where people can gaze at and learn about the clouds and its different formation. It is also one of the Top 10 Undiscovered Beaches in the whole of UK.

Anderby Beach is ideal for everyone and is open for everyone, including families, dog walkers, runners, cyclist, and others who want to enjoy a wonderful time in a quiet and scenic place. It is also idealo for activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing, playing, and sand-castle building.

For convenience, the beach is, in a way, equipped with basic facilities such as toilets and small car parks.




PE24 5XX


Dogs are allowed anytime

No lifeguard on-duty

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