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Anderby and Its Creek

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Saint Andrew’s Church at Anderby

Anderby is a small village and civil parish in the district of East Lindsey. It was significantly small, recording a population of around 335 on the year 2001. Of course, it must have risen since then.

The chief village can be found along the road A52. One of its most distinguishing landmarks is the church of Saint Andrews located in its center, a Victorian Era architecture characterized by a few red bricks for its time in the year 1759. The church has been restored in the year 1887 due to several damages due to natural forces.

Another distinguishing landmark is the churchyard in the vicinity of the church. One glance and the prominence of its age make it quite a treasure. The churchyard apparently has a cross way back from the 14th century. These features make it a scheduled monument and a Grade II listed building.

However, what makes the place more famous is the smaller hamlet of Anderby Creek, which is an actual part of the village and parish. It can be found a few miles to the eats of the village, along the coast.

The Creek has become quite a holiday site especially during summers, when people come and camp in the beach while enjoying the sun and sand. It has become quite popular and more convenient, especially with the establishment of some shops, cafes, and pubs for entertainment.

Aside from its beaches, it is home to two of the wartime defense lines, one at Sunkist Caravan Park and the other at a wooded area. It is also the home to the first battle training school of the RAF Anderby Creek.

Anderby Creek also boasts of its Cloud Bar, an unusual tourist attraction as well as the world’s first official cloud spotting area, perfect for everyone who simple wants to relax while gazing at the sky and learning.

In actuality, Anderby has a lot to offer despite it being only a small village.

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