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Alford (pronounced as Olford) is an ancient market town at the district of East Lindsey. It is located at around 18 kilometers north-west of the coastal resort of Skegness and is found on the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The history of the town can be traced back from the Anglian invaders who came from 600-650 AD. This is also evident in the town’s name which was derived from the word Eauford, meaning ‘the ford across the stream”.

The community has a number and variety of establishments catering the needs of the people. Some of these establishments include convenience retail outlets, shops, supermarkets, and services for health purposes.

The market is small, but the main market is in the market place. This is where all the local products and necessities are sold and bought at the same time.

The city has other establishments and business units located in the Beeching Way Industrial Estates such as printing companies, manufacturing firms, and builders. However, the main source of income with the number of its employees and workers is the Finnveden Powertrain Ltd.

For amenities, there are also public houses such as The Half Moon Hotel, The Windmill Hotel, The George, the Andor, and The White Hart. Education units are also in the area such as the Alford Primary School, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, and John Spendluffe Technology College.

For tourist and visitors, some sites to see are the tower mill which was built in 1837, the Alford Manor House, and St. Wilfrid’s Church.

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