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East Lindsey

East Lindsey is one of the districts in Lincolnshire. It is located south of North East Lincolnshire and Humber, west of the North Sea, north of Boston, and east of North Kesteven and West Lindsey. Having a total area of 680 square miles, this district became the fifth largest district in the whole of England. It is, in fact, bigger than most English counties.

East Lindsey

The district council of East Lindsey can be found in Manby near Louth. The leadership is determined by both the leader and the cabinet, in which a majority composes a group of conservatives.

Moreover, this district is proud for having two of the best state schools, which was based on the GCSEs’ results.

East Lindsey has a stable economy, relying mostly on Mablethorpe and Skegness, wherein shopping centers, banks, beaches, parks, and holiday inns. Famous attractions also include landmarks such as the Diamond Jubilee Clock Tower, from Queen Victoria’s time, and Fairy Dell. Both of these are in Skegness. Other parts of the district also have admirable landmarks and gardens which attract and intrigues guests and tourists.

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