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Yallery Brown

Yallery Brown

Yallery Brown is a mischievous fairy like spirit found in most of old Lincolnshire’s folk lore.

It is said that, Tom Tiver, an 18 year old lad, was resting from his servant duties at the field when he heard a small whimper. It was from a little creature, with ragged yellow-brown skin, trapped under a flat stone.

He hesitated at first, but, overcame with pity, he helped the small creature. The little creature was overjoyed and introduced himself as Yallery Brown. He also thanked Tom by rewarding him with one wish.

Tom wondered and wished help from his chores. The creature said that it was done but warned the boy not to thank him or else he will be cursed.

The creature disappeared and Tom thought it was only a dream until he arrived at his job with all his jobs already done. Gossips spread that he was a warlock, which enraged Tom. He called for Yallery Brown and asked him to withdraw his help and even thanked him. These angered Yallery Brown, who cursed Tom.

Until  the day of his death, Tom was plagued with bad luck and ill fortune.

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