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The Witches of Belvoir

The Witches of Belvoir

At the time of witchcraft in England on the year 1618, there lived what came to be known as the Witches of Belvoir. The Witches of Belvoir are composed of three women: a mother and her two daughters. The mother is known as Joan Flowers, and her daughters were Philippa and Margaret Flowers.

The Flowers were herbal healers, however, their living was not doing well, so they sought work and were employed as servants of the 6th Earl and Countess of Rutland, who were residing at Belvoir Castle, which is located near Grantham.

Months passed but the other servants did not take a liking to the three, thus, they were accused of all sorts of stuff and were dismissed with only a small amount of pay for their services.

After they left, the earl and countess fell ill while the son and heir and the younger son died, with the younger son’s death a few years after the first son’s. Rumors about the Flowers spread, and as the younger son died, the couple had them arrested and put ti trial.

At the Lincoln gaol, they confessed to communing with familiar spirit, as well as the name of the mother’s familiar cat, which was known as Rutterkin. At that time, familiars were viewed as visions of evil, who suck at the bodies of humans.

The three were hung in the grounds of Lincoln Castle on March 11, 1618. After their death, a ballad printed by “G. Eld for Barner” came out with the title Damnable Practices of Three Lincolnshire Witches Joan Flower and Her Two Daughters.

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