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The Pag Rag Day

A picture from Lincolnshire's Past

The Pag Rag Day

In the olden days, every May 14, there is an event called the Pag Rag Day, wherein servants leave home with all their laundry in a bag known as the Pag Bag.

The Pag Bag is similar in meaning to the taking in or hiring of new servants, staff, and certain farm workers. This hiring of the farm workers is a very crucial event in the time of agricultural Lincolnshire.

It is somewhat a Hiring Fair, where landowners secure workers by sealing the deal through a few shillings.

The same event also happens in Brigg, but, with a bit more spice. In that place, the Pag Rag day is considered as a competition where the first man to ever arrive on town will receive a ceremonial free pint of beer.

This custom is a nice and wonderful one, quite unique to the county of Lincolnshire. However, at the present, it is not practice anymore.

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