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The Legend of Tom Hickathrift

The Legend of Tom Hickathrift

Tom Hickathrift, also known as Jack Hickathrift, was a famous legendary figure in the English folk lore particularly that of Norfolk and Lincolnshire. He is somewhat similar to Jack the Giant Killer as he battled giants. Rumours has it that he was a giant himself for he possessed giant-like strength.

The fairy tale version of his story tells of him living at the Isle of Ely. He was both lazy and gluttonous, but, he was also had tremendous strength. Thus, he was hired a a labourer who carted beer to Wisbech.

As he was very lazy, he cut across the property of the Giant of Wisbech to arrive earlier to his destination. This angered the giant, and taking his club, tried to murder him. Tom fought the giant using an axle-tree, which led to its death.

Another version indicates that Tom was just a simple labourer at the time of the Norman conquest, led by William the Conqueror. He happened to have killed a giant in the Marsh with an axle tree, which he took from a cartwheel. This victory over the creature earned him governorship.

The two stories are very similar. In fact, one can simply assume that the first was only just the detailed version. However, a source used said that Tom was a mirror of Thor, since the two fought giants and used hammer like weapons.

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