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Skegness Beach

Skegness Beach

The beach in Skegness is an award winning sandy beach with a great seaside resort. It is one of the three beaches known in the county of Lincolnshire as great tourist attractions as well as great places to bask in both the summer heat and the warm salty water of nature.

Skegness beach has facilities for its visitors such as cafes, toilets, first aids, restaurants, and fast food chains. There is also a Fairy Dell paddling pool in the area, which is great for kids.

The water quality of the beach is excellent and recommended as safe. The beach is disabled friendly so there’s no problem. However, the beach does not have a lifeguard.

Activities that can be done in the beach includes swimming, surfing, sea combing, and sailing. The beach offers some beach games and a boating lake, as well as donkey rides.

Thus, Skegness beach is one of the places to be visited when it comes to this little county. It is a great place to spend summers with family and friends alike.

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