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St. Hugh of Lincoln

St. Hugh of Lincoln

Hugh of Lincoln was born in 1135 at the castle of Avalon in Burgundy. Thus, he was known as Hugh of Avalon. His father was William, Lord of Avalon, while his mother was Anna.

When his mother died, his father took him and he grew up in a monastery, resulting to him becoming a religious person. He was ordained deacon at the age of 19 and was sent to St. Maximin to preach.

He became a novice at Grand Chartreuse and was ordained at the young age of 30. He was a procurator. In the year 1108, Hugh was elected as a candidate for the seat of bishop, which he refused two times before accepting.

Finally, he was enthroned in Lincoln Cathedral on September 29. Bishop Hugh was a model episcopate. He protected the Jews in Richard I’s term, even if it is opposing the king. He also had the cathedral rebuilt after it was ruined by a great quake. In 1199, he was present at the coronation of King John.

He was attacked by a fever and died after a few months. In the year 1220, he was canonized as saint by Honorius the III.

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