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King Henry iv

King Henry iv

Henry was the 10th King of England and the Lord of Ireland. He also asserted his grandparent’s claim to the title “King of France.

He was born at Bolingbroke Castle, giving him the name Henry of Bolingbroke. His mother, Blanche, was from the Lancaster side, making Henry the first king from the Lancaster.

He had several siblings and half-siblings such as Philip of Lancaster who became John I of Portugal, Elizabeth, and Catherine, the queen consort of Castile. He had four half-siblings with the surname Beaufort. He also had an inconsistent relationship with his cousin and predecessor, Richard II.

He became king after his predecessor, Richard II died of starvation. However, much of his reign was spent on defending himself against rebellions and plots.

He had a few illnesses such as a disfiguring skin disease and another somewhat grave illness which was unknown at that time. He died on March 20, 1413 and was buried at Canterbury Cathedral.

Henry’s burial site was not at Westminster Abbey because he admired the Canterbury Tales  of Geoffrey Chaucer.

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